Knowledge, dedication and results are a standard for us in DDK, not a goal. These subsequent constants are synthesized in the thirteen-year practice of Debarliev, Dameski & Kelesoska Attorneys at Law.

The way we work is built on the legacy of our achievements, the passion for law, the experiential skills, underlying the essence of our business culture. These are the basic professional and personal values distinguishing us from the others. This is DDK’s distinguishable DNA!

Specialized in business and corporate law, regardless of whether it is a matter of a large international corporation or a small business, DDK delivers professional relationship and efficient process which, through carefully fostered atmosphere of teamwork, is aimed at rendering impeccable legal service. The company is committed to rendering legal services in an accountable, reliable, well-chosen and ethical manner, adjusted to the specific needs of each client.

DDK is led by the ambition to be the first choice for a legal representative which the client will entrust all its legal matters in the Republic of Macedonia.