• Energy Project Development, Construction and Operation

  • Energy Project Finance

  • Energy supply contracts and contracting

  • Environmental liability and permits

  • Mining/Minerals/Metals

  • Regulatory Matters

  • Renewable energy and green certificates

  • Trading with power, oil&gas and emissions certificates

  • Waste management and re-use

Recent experience includes advising:

Representing Austrian electricity production and electricity trading company in a procedures of acquiring water concessions for BOT of Hydro Power Plans in Macedonia
Representing Italian, Spanish and German companies in a procedures for establishing wind and solar farms for production of electricity
Representing Swiss electricity production and electricity trading company in the procedure for acquiring of license for electricity trading on the Macedonian market
Providing complex legal support regarding environmental liability issues involving soil pollutants to Italian Company in the process of acquisition of a Macedonian based company
Representing one of the biggest fuel supply group from France, present with its network in over 26 countries in Europe, for entering and supplying the Macedonian fuel market
Representing Greek company in a regulatory matters for waste treatment and granting licences

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